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Choosing the Gatsby Dress for a Dance Party

Gatsby Dress is based on the movie "The Great Gatsby" which was based on the novel of the same name by F Scott Fitzgerald. Both the novel and the movie focus on how bootleggers and other such criminals were being millionaires. After the First World War, during the roaring 1920s, the story is set when the United States was celebrating new levels of prosperity. One of the most memorable parts of the novel and movie are the parties that were hosted by the millionaire Jay Gatsby. So, the Gatsby girl dress is based on the flapper costume that was in fashion during the 1920s.

The flapper fashion has some unique characteristics that include a shapeless shift dress which was shorter in length in comparison to previous fashions, short sleek hair or bob hairstyle, makeup that generally applied in public, and smoking with a long cigarette holder. The limb exposure represented a seditious nature of a person who craved to dance the nights away.

Another essential feature of the flapper costume is that even the middle class girls of society were able to be conventional with high fashion owing to the simple creation of the flapper dress. But, the rich women were still able to highlight their difference by draping silk clothing with unique and high embellishment.

One example of the Gatsby dress is the 1920’s dress which is made up with a feather headpiece and a flapper dress. One can add suitable accessories like flapper beads, the characteristic long cigarette holder, stockings, and wig. Another Gatsby dress is the flapper dress which is made from a crepe satin and trimmed with black velour and sequins. One can also add a matching headpiece with a sequined brim.

Another example is the Black Gatsby Dress, a sequin flapper dress trimmed with sequins, fingerless gloves, and a matching headband. At the Deco Haus, there are many Gatsby and flapper dresses to pick from.  To choose a costume you must select your color, size and accessories. Once your dress is selected you can just be a dancing girl the night away!

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1920’s Wedding Dress for a Perfect Wedding

1920’s vintage wedding dresses have made a big impact on wedding fashions in recent years. The 1920’s style gown is a look which suits brides that are in love of the Flapper era.  In this era, young women started to become adventurous and more liberated, and their fashions followed suit. The elegant and ethereal styles of that era take you back to late night cocktails and languid garden parties. It is perfect for a summer wedding.

Features of the 1920’s style wedding dress

1920’s style gowns are noted for their swishing, stunning and flowing silhouettes of fabrics that wrap beautifully, lined up with delicate bejeweled features and luxurious embroidered lace. As a bride, you can accessorize it with feather, lace and sequined head pieces, long strings of pearls, T-bar shoes and classic make-up! Gowns can either be long and figure-hugging or short and daring. Other features might include tiered skirts, low backs and dropped waist lines.

How do you find a 1920’s wedding dress?

Wedding is a big day of every woman. So, you can find 1920’s wedding dress yourself by scouring every vintage store in the country, or spending countless hours searching online vintage shops. However, even if you do find something special, you should think about the toll that the years might have taken on the wedding dress in the form of stains, tears and general discoloration, in addition to the fact that trying to find a dress of your actual size could be difficult.

You might able to find a gown that will fit you perfectly after a few alterations. However, you still think the design is somehow not your type or just does not go well with you. It will perhaps be because, although you love the style of vintage look and dress, you can't find it a little more comfortable.

Having your own vintage style gown custom made by The Deco Haus only for you will have everything you love about the 1920’s style; including the lush fabrics, quirky statement pieces and exquisite details that make it so unique. The designer at The Deco Haus will create the 1920’s wedding dress to suit your figure and personality.

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1920’s Flapper Dress for a Costume Party

Want to look glamorous as like 1920’s supermodels? The style from that era seems to be classic. Today, 1920’s dress outfits are very popular at fancy dress parties. Without any doubt, the best example of 1920’s fashion for women is the flapper dress. It is one of the most sought after styles. If you are fan of such vintage clothing, surely you will love The Deco Haus!


Embellished with tassels, feathers and sequins, flapper dress reflected the outgoing nature of women. The flapper girls were became famous in the twenties in dance-halls of America. With their vibrant lipstick, sleek bobs and witty conversation, the flapper girls escorted in an age of relative independence and revolt on the part of the fairer sex. Such women became the life and soul of the dancing, party and drinking the night away. Not only in 1920’s, even today flapper style is a symbol of being different, of joyful partying and comfortable with yourself.


If you have decided to go to the party as a flapper, keep in mind that your character goes beyond your outfit. They wore too much make-up on face, tied up their hair differently and smoked in public, with their infamous cigarette holders. Flapper dress is the most important part of the flapper's costume. You are very lucky; you can find it very easily at The Deco Haus! You will be surprised how affordable the budget costumes cost.


Besides getting your costume, ensure you spend a little extra on some accessories that will make your outfit more authentic.


1920’s style wig
To look totally authentic, you can go for bobbed hair style. If you are brunette, we recommend that you should go to the party as a blonde to have more fun.


Feather Boa
Measuring approximately 8ft in length, feather boa offers classic look that you want. Pick a color that matches your dress.


Long Pearl Necklace
Obviously, The Deco Haus will have ones to go with your 1920's dress.


Cigarette Holder
It is the most associated accessory with 1920's fancy dress. If you don't get anything else, ensure that you get at least one of these.


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